Bikepacking Gear for the Adventure Cyclist

Attention !!!  

Dear valued customers!

Lone Mountain Innovations is shutting down the production of the main style, industry standard bikepacking bags.   Thank you for all your support and encouragement! There are plenty of amazing companies producing these bags, such as, Revelate Designs, Porcelain Rocket, Oveja Negra Threadworks & Bedrock Bags to name a few. These companies are producing high quality bags and are great companies to work with. I highly recommend seeking them out for your future bag needs!  Lone Mountain Innovations will still be in the bicycle and bikepacking business providing other innovative products that compliment and enhance your adventure biking lifestyle.  Stay tuned as products are being designed, tested and refined to be made available for sale in the Spring of 2016.  

Thank you and remember to share your journey!!!



Our goal is to provide Bikepacking Gear that will inspire you to get on your bike and explore no matter what your style. Come join the adventure of exploration on bicycles and see what’s out there using the sport of Bikepacking.  Explore your world with your cycling comrades and most of all, share it with others.

Happy Exploring…..   and see you out on the trail!