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Bikepacking Bike 2

Newer fine tuned BikePacking Bags. Featuring our newer Handlebar Bag System with our Double ended Dry Bag. And our newly design Seat Pack. These are very stable bags!

Framebag for Tandem

Here is a Santana Tandem Mountain Bike in Boise, Idaho. We built the framepack in the back-frame per customer’s specs. 3″ wide; 9″ tall; 25 1/2″ Long. Lots of space in this framebag. Internal padding on the down tube sections; Soft-Rigid internal frame in the bottom for strapping control. YKK #8 water resistant zipper with double zipper pulls.  Beautiful Bike Setup

Bikepacking Bags

Another project for a customer in Troy, Idaho. Dual zippered, Single compartment Framebag and our newly designed  Top-Tube Utilitly Bag. This Top-Tube bag is huge! 5 1/4″ tall in front; 4 1/2″ tall in back; 4″ wide in front; 3″ wide in back; 9″ long overall. There is a large, internal strap on the left side to secure a small handgun. Soft rigid interal frame on the sides and bottom. YKK water resistant zipper.

Bikepacking Setup

Here is a customer in Troy, Idaho with additional bag components. We built the Framebag and Top-Tube bag to match his Saddlebag. This is a really clean bike with a clean setup. He is ready for some Backcountry Adventuring!



Jeff is out and about on another Adventure in Oregon. His Salsa Fargo loaded up and out on assignment in the Oregon Backcountry. Got to love the fishing pole that is tagging along for the ride.


Fat Bike Ride

Jeff with a Fat Bike Ride equipped with a framepack he made and some matching bags he ordered from us. Great fun in the  Oregon snow!  Fat Bikes are on the move in the Northern Regions of the World.  Biking does not have to end when winter sets in!




Here is our new Handlebar Map Pack. Check out the full details on the Loan Mountain Innovations “Facebook” Page.



Our new handlebar Pack System. Features Adjustable attachment points, quick release handlebar attachments, Molle’ strapping system up front. Attach any module you want that is Molle’ compatible. Excellent Level and cable clearance. Very stable and bullet proof.




Bikepacking, Framebags, Saddlebags, Seatpacks, Handlebar packs

My Wife and I’s bikes packed up for our Mt. Spokane overnight trip


Bikepacking, Framebags, Saddlebags, Seatpacks, Handlebar packs

Equipment works Great. Bike weighing in at 47lbs with no problems.


Bikepacking, Framebags, Saddlebags, Seatpacks, Handlebar packs

Featuring a Custom built Steel Framed, Soft Tail built by Curtlo in Wenatchee, Washington State.  This is a Great Bike! Set up with Bags made of  Marine Grade fabric (black) and Heavy coated Oxford (grey). Both materials are very durable and ready for any outdoor adventure



Bikepacking, Framebags, Saddlebags, Seatpacks, Handlebar packs, Bikepacking Rigs

2nd Generation Bike Packing Bags. Handlebar Pack and the Seat Pack work really good. Zero contact Seat Pack and a cylindrical compression style Handlebar Pack system. Really stable!


Bikepacking, Framebags, Saddlebags, Seatpacks, Handlebar packs, Bikepacking Rigs

Framebag for my wife’s bike. This is a ‘Small’ frame. Don’t underestimate what can be stored in small places. She does not take the pack off…. she uses it at all times.

Bikepacking, Framebags, Saddlebags, Seatpacks, Handlebar packs, Bikepacking Rigs

Framebag close-up


BikePacking Bike Setup

BikePacking Gear Setup. This is one of many ways to pack up your bike. I found this to be the best for the hauling and handling ratio. So far so good!




Bikepacking Trip

Kelly Creek, North Idaho. Amazing place to Bikepack. Miles and Miles of single track waiting to be explored. Idaho is a State that is waiting to be discovered in the backcountry.  What better way to explore than on your bike with your camping gear.  Modern Day Lewis and Clark!


Bikepacking Trip

Heading back to car on the Kelly….. Amazing trip! This area is massive with lots of trails and huge loops.  You can get lost in exploring for days and days.


Bikepacking Trip

This trip was all singletrack.  There are many  primitive double tracks and forest roads to connect every trail you set your heart on.


Bikepacking, Framebags, Saddlebags, Seatpacks, Handlebar packs, Bikepacking Rigs

Rolling on! 29er’s loaded tend to cruise really well. Here I am heading home from Mt. Spokane from an overnight stay. Downhill for almost 20 miles then some flats for another 6 miles. It was an enjoyable two days.  The Handlebar Pack System works extremely well.  Levers easily accessible  and the cables are free to move.  Keep the front end to 5lbs though. Anything over 5lbs will give you steering and handling problems.


Bikepacking, Framebags, Saddlebags, Seatpacks, Handlebar packs, Bikepacking Rigs

Another Framepack built. This one is a single compartment with dual zippers. This model will probably prove to be the most adaptable and useful out of all the Framepacks. Fill it up with the heavier items at the bottom. You can still get to the bottom items, when full, with the lower zipper. Got to love large frame hardtails. Bullet proof with big spaces!



Bikepacking, Framebags, Saddlebags, Seatpacks, Handlebar packs, Bikepacking Rigs

Featuring a Specialized, S-Works, Carbon fiber – Stumpjumper. This is fitted with a dual zipper frame bag and toptube, tactical saddlebags. This saddlebag holds a Glock 19 (9mm) on one side and extra gun magazines on the other. This was designed for the Armed Cyclist  to take along their firearms. The bags are padded on all sides with closed cell foam to give the bags structure, protect the bike frame and protect the gun. In the Prototype phase but available soon on our products page. Built rugged and ready for anything in the backcountry!










Top-Tube Saddlebag/Top-Tube Bag Combo

Designed a new set of Saddlebags and Top-Tube Bag Combination. This design is cleaner looking, more durable and ready for any Adventure.  Great for Day trips or for long Touring on the Streets or in the Mountains.  Framepack friendly with adjustable strap points.  Can be easily unstrapped at the bottom to flip up to get to your Framepack zipper.  Just another added option for hauling your gear on your bike.












Saddlebag/Top-Tube Bag Combo on bike

More gear Hauling Options! Saddlebag system work great by themselves.  They will work with most any Framepack as well with adjustable strapping points.












A customers Salsa-Fargo bike in Oregon out on the trail. Featuring the brand new line of Saddlebags and Top Tube Bag Combo Kit. Jeff said the bag system worked great! Keeps your heavily used items easily accessible.